Help Save Our Culture!


What can we do to save our culture and way of life?

Our first job is to spread the word, by talking to people and encouraging them to come to this website to learn more. We will be updating the site as more information and other resources become available (we are not alone in having these concerns). Most people are naturally preoccupied with their daily routine and are likely not aware of what is taking place in their country. As well, immigrants tend to congregate in enclaves within our large cities and European Canadians are therefore not as likely to notice immigrant numbers in relation to their own population.

Our second job is more difficult, convincing our governments to adopt more family-friendly policies and to attract more immigrants from Europe.  We will be providing sample letters for those who wish to write to their M.P. and government officials.

Our Prime Minister doesn’t think much of our culture — in fact, he has stated that Canadians don’t have a culture (!) (See Source #1) — and he seems more interested in cultivating goodwill and advancing his profile with the U.N. and other globalists.  Why should the government listen to us? Because we are Canadian citizens — the current “owners” of this country — and European Canadians currently represent 72.9% of the citizenry. Also, the policies which resulted in less immigration from Europe and more from other countries were adopted without any mandate from the Canadian people. So, let’s give the Government a new mandate!


Updated:  4 February 2018

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